Welcome to my blog,  my name is Aaron Mulligan and I will be going over what my dissertation for my third year of game design will be. This blog will contain posts on various topics which I’ll be working on such as research, 3D Modelling on 3DS Max, Scripting on Unity and play testing.


First of all, the title of my dissertation is still a work in progress. However the idea I have for the dissertation remains the same. Some title ideas I had were:

  • Can reloading a gun be used as a mechanic ingame to cause a positive response by the player?
  • Could reloading a gun be used as a mechanic without being too complex to players?
  • Could manually reloading a gun be too difficult in a FPS?
  • Could manually reloading a gun be used as a core mechanic without causing too much frustration to players?

The general idea will be covering a new way to reload a gun as a core mechanic in a game without being considered too difficult for players. This will also be done without virtual reality such as the Vive or the Oculus Rift as there are already projects being designed with VR in mind (RUST LTD, 2016). I want to make this mechanic work on a keyboard only.

Here is a list of what I will be doing and how this will help me achieve my goal:

  1. Research – I will be looking into what gun will be best to model and script which could work when using a keyboard. I will also be researching how the mechanism of the gun would work to make the gun more authentic in design.
  2. Modelling – I will be modelling the gun to make it so the focus is aimed at how it is reloaded rather than how close to the real gun it is. Therefore I aim to make it in around 1500 polys with sub-object diffuse texture.
  3. Scripting – I will be scripting the gun so that when there are no more bullets to fire the player must reload it via the keyboard, the player controller will not be important as the focus is on the gun. The code will be done in JavaScript.
  4. Testing – I want to test the gun with other people to see if they can cope with the mechanic. I will collect their results for a conclusion at the end.

After the year is finished I would like to take this mechanic further in my own time by putting it into a game so long as the testing results are mostly positive.



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