For our final year we had to choose our own team and create a game based around a brief (which we had to design ourselves as well) for our final group project. We decided to create a brief which focuses on creating panic and disorientation.

Our Game Idea

Our game is a first person puzzle game which focuses on the narrative. Players will be playing as an ageing main character, who is struggling with anterograde amnesia. You must help him discover his lost memories and find the truth behind his accident.


We were heavily inspired by Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Momento’ when it comes to creating the narration. To begin with, our game starts of with a twist where they witness the main character fall down the stairs and are then playing through the game to discover why this happened.


As stated earlier the core mechanic will be puzzle in the form of a sliding box puzzle. Players will be seeking for certain items around the house which, once found, will then they must complete this sliding box puzzle to make sense of what the memory means.

We are also currently developing a management mechanic where players must keep their fuse box running by feeding it coins which players can find around the house. The coins value determines how long the electricity will last for.

We also have another characters which acts as a perceived threat known as ‘The Carer’ who is trying to catch the player during a puzzle or paying the fuse box, resetting their progress in that stage. The Carer will wander around the house until it spots the player in a puzzle.

Progress so far

So far we are 6 weeks into the project and are still designing how the mechanics will work. We hope that by the next week we will have the core mechanic built into the prototype for our game for which it can be playable.