Now that I have narrowed my search for a gun type down to bolt action rifles I now need to choose which bolt action rifle to use as a base.

The reason why I want to use a real gun as a base rather than use square blocks is to reduce the feedback by players that ‘the gun doesn’t feel real’ or ‘too confusing to use as that gun doesn’t relate to anything more than just square blocks’. Although I’m just speculating this for now, I would rather avoid this as I feel having a model of a rifle clearly indicates that it is a gun and how it works.

Fig 1: Diagram of a bolt action rifle example (Editor, 2010)

Which Bolt Action Rifle?

Since there are many bolt action rifles to choose from I have decided to narrow down my results to bolt action rifles used in World War 2. The reason behind this is because I feel there are a wide selection of bolt action rifles in World War 2 to choose from and because I personally prefer the design of them compared to more modern rifles.

Using this website (Machine Factory, 2016) I can see what the rifles were used including a picture of what they look like to help me decide on which bolt action to use.


Overall I have decided to go for the Kar 98K rifle because I feel the gun is more popular and known to be used compared to the other guns so therefore players who regularly play FPS games (such as Call of Duty: World At War and Red Orchestra 2) would find it easier to tell how the gun works, specifically with how the bolt mechanism works and that they must cock it back every time they shoot.

I also had the Lee-Enfield or springfield rifle in mind which I don’t want to completely rule out as I still need to find a model of the Kar 98K which, if I cannot find one that is useful, I can look for either model instead.


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