So for my dissertation I decided rather than making a gun from scratch I will find one online and then apply any changes to it to make it game ready. The reasons behind this is because I want to save time for the more important parts of my project (the scripting and game testing) and for my dissertation I’m not focusing on the gun model itself but much rather turning its reload mechanism into a game mechanic.

Search for a Kar98K

Again, I will be searching for a model of the Kar98K rifle online to import into 3DS Max where I can then create the reload animation and (if needed) turn it into a game ready asset. Since I will be searching online there are three things I must consider:

  1. The price – There are some models which are completely free to download and use which would be nice to get. However I am willing to pay for a model if it will save me much more time in the future (specifically already having an animation and being game ready).
  2. The design – I would like the gun to be textured as well, mainly to make it stand out to the player as being a gun rather than having a solid colour all over it. This will hopefully also prevent players from giving negative feedback towards the weapon design itself.
  3. File type and size – I want to aim for a low poly gun as it’s easier to check and has a smaller file size overall. Plus the file must be for 3DS Max.

I also want to look out for any other bolt action rifles such as the springfield rifle while looking on these websites just in case I find one better.


I will be looking on these websites:

Image result for turbosquid
Fig 1: TurboSquid website banner (

TurboSquid – Offers a range of 3D Models which are free or you can pay for. For each model the site displays a range of stats about the model including:

  • Amount of polys
  • If it is textured
  • If it is animated

A quick search on the site shows there are a few models for the Kar98K as well as for the springfield rifle (my backup model if I can’t find a good Kar98K) which I will look over each to see which would be best to use.


Image result for cgtrader
Fig 2: cgtrader website banner (

cgtrader – Also offers a range of 3D Models however there are not as many as TurboSquid. However a quick search does offer some Kar98K models and at least one springfield model which could be an alternative to use.

The site also offers details for each model much like TurboSquid which is useful for seeing which model will be best to use.


Image result for Unity
Fig 3: Unity website banner (

Unity – Unity also has an asset store which offers 3D Models as well, although most of these models are packed with other models which I don’t need. It would be easier to buy a model from here however there are a few problems with buying from the Unity store:

  • Lack of model details – unless the owner of the model writes about the details of the model in the description there is hardly any way of seeing any information on the gun.
  • Unwanted other models – A quick search on the Unity asset store has only offered me the Kar98K in packs with other weapons which means I’ll be paying more due to getting more weapons (which I’d like to avoid)
  • Compatibility – I would need to make sure that the pack is compatible with the version of Unity I am using, or that the pack wouldn’t cause any problems when importing it in. This is not so much of a problem for 3DS Max unless the file was created in a newer version to what mine is.


With these three sites I will look into all the models they offer for the Kar98K and then I will decide which one to download and import into 3DS Max to inspect further. However if none of them turn out any good I will be looking for my alternative instead.


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