Here are the updates I made for the final group project:

Added the sliding tile puzzle mechanic


The main mechanic for our game involves the player solving a sliding tile puzzle once they find the significant item in the house. The sliding tile puzzle will randomize the image pieces in a random order of which the player will need to put them back in the right order again. Once the player has finished the puzzle they are told the puzzle is complete and then we can insert in a way of moving into the next scene.

Changed the anniversary picture

Puzzle Pictures.png

One of the images for the sliding box puzzle has been changed from a anniversary card to a wedding cake. This is to make the player more aware of the MC’s wedding as the item the player is looking for is a 50th anniversary card.

Other topics

We had to do a presentation to our head lecturer, enterprise and other groups for 15 minutes to show how far we are with our work and showing our business plan. The presentation went well as we were given positive feedback and some improvements to think

Our group came up with a name rather than be known as ‘Group 1’. We have called ourselves ‘Katzecat Studios’.

We could also be gaining another member for the group who will be doing most of our 3D Modelling and texturing for the game.