After looking through the three websites for  that I went over in my last post I have came to the decision now to go with this M1903A3 Springfield Rifle by Flyerborn on TurboSquid.

Reason why

As I was searching through the three websites that I mentioned about in my last blog post for a Kar98k I discovered that there were a large variety that I could choose from, however most of them required me to pay for it. Although I didn’t mind paying for one of the models I wasn’t sure about the quality of the model that I was going to get (the pre-export checks to export to Unity specifically) and therefore had to rely on the pictures and descriptions of the models provided.

Here are two examples from TurboSquid:

Luchador Kar98K rifle – The model of this rifle looks fantastic in the pictures. Offering 29 pictures which show the rifle at different angles and aimed at specific parts of the gun. The description offers a large amount of detail for me to read and see what is actually in the file, even mentioning the bolt is a separate object that can be animated easily. Overall this model looks fantastic and useful, however the big problem I have is the price tag. Being $79 (£62.24) is quite steep for me as a (almost) broke student. If my other rifle model fails however then I will make sure to come back to this rifle.

Kim2Jang kar98k – The model again for this rifle looks great. There are 10 pictures which shows the rifle at different angles and the poly count is low. The price as well is very suitable for me being only $17 (£13.39). The major downside though is that there isn’t a description about the gun, nor much detail surrounding it like Luchador’s model. Therefore I feel a bit left in the dark about the model and must rely on the pictures for it.

This then brought me to searching for a springfield rifle on each of the sites and coming across Flyborn’s M1903A3 Springfield Rifle on TurboSquid.

About the rifle

Fig 1: Springfield Rifle by Flyborn

The rifle was free to download and use so long as you don’t resell it. I decided to download it and open it in 3DS Max to have a look at it. The rifle itself looks good and recognisable with extra detail across the rifle. I will need to work on the rifle, for example I will need to go through any pre-export checks for Unity and fix them, then I would like to add a texture to the rifle (a simple 1024×1024 diffuse will do) which may mean I need to unwrap it as well.

In all, for a free rifle I feel this will be the perfect gun to use for my project after a bit of work, and I’m happy as I will also be saving some money as well.

What’s next?

So now I need to deal with the pre-export checks, UV mapping and the texture for the rifle which should take me a week to do. Once this is done I can then move on to creating the animation for the bolt of the rifle (and if I have time, animating the rifle itself to go with the stages of the bolt).


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