Here are the updates this week I made for the final group project game: Of Whom We Hold Dear.

Created an in-depth document based on The Carer 

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To create a relationship between the main character and The Carer we needed to come up with a backstory, personality and traits for The Carer to make her more of a human character. Our plan would be for players to feel empathy towards The Carer as well as to worry about her as well, specifically with what she does and why she does what she is doing. Hopefully we will then tie in her actions into the story for our game for her actions to make sense.

Get the sliding puzzle into the game


I had completed the sliding box puzzle last week and now need to get it so the player can activate it in game when the press E on a significant item they had to find. Pressing E opens up a second camera on screen showing the puzzle which the player can do. Pressing E again closes it down.

Fixed the house of bugs


The house model had a few bugs which I managed to fix. I would like to redo the house model if we have time though in the future.


My other group project members and their updates can be found here: