For the past week I have been editing the M1903 springfield rifle model to prepare it for when I animate it. I had to do a variety of checks such as:

  • Fixing overlapping faces
  • Reshaping the geometry all over the model (particularly inside the bolt area)
  • Fixing illegal faces
  • Fixing overlapping vertices
  • Unwrapping the UV’s

Because of the amount of work I had to do to fix the model I am a little behind schedule as I hoped to have been animating this week, however I should be able to get back on track quickly next week once I texture the rifle.

Progress so far

Fig 1: Current progress of the M1903 Springfield rifle


Fig 2: Wireframe of the current M1903 Springfield rifle

This is what the rifle looks like so far. The bolt and trigger are both separate objects to the main base of the rifle to allow me to animate them separately later on. The tasks I have left to do are:

  • Fix the illegal polys on the main base of the rifle [currently 175 left to go].
  • Unwrap the main base UV.
  • Apply textures to every object

Why is it taking so long?

The main problem is making sure the model is game ready to be put into Unity. The errors above could lead to problems such as the texture being stretched, the polys being out of place or even the object not exporting as intended.

Although my dissertation is focused on the script for the rifle and its feedback I do still take pride with my work and would rather spend time to fix the issues than to sweep them under the carpet and hope they go away. Besides, I predict that if the rifle model is causing problems during playtesting players would just give negative feedback towards the rifle model rather than the mechanic.

What next?

I will continue to fix the rifle model (as stated above). Then in my next update I should have applied a texture to the rifle and will begin animating.