In my previous post I still had lots of errors to fix such as illegal polys and overlapping faces, then I needed to texture the rifle.

Since the errors took so long I decided to make the texture as plain as possible while separating the metal parts to the wooden parts of the rifle. I then applied the texture to the rifle which came out like this:15536721_1460389030645846_1955875864_o.jpg

Although it looks plain I am happy with how it has turned out. This also means now I can finally get to animating the rifle to then be used in Unity.

If I do find some spare time though I would like to add some more detail to the texture, however this could be either after the dissertation is finished or if I’m way ahead of schedule.

What next?

Now the rifle is finished I will start to animate the rifle. I will need to look up online at some tutorials on the best way to do this as I can either do this in 3DS Max or in Unity, but ultimately I want the bolt to rotate counter clockwise, then pulled back, and then reversing the animation to its original position.