Since the model of the rifle is finished on 3DS Max I decided to import it straight into a new Unity project to begin animating (as I said in my previous post I was having problems animating on 3DS Max).

I have set the rifle up in front of a camera as if it was a first person perspective player character to get an idea of how the animations will look to the player ingame (as shown below).


What I will be animating

Reloading sequence

The main objective is to animate the bolt of the rifle between three different states. Each state shown as pictures below:

Rifle Stages.png
From left to right – The stages between each reload that will require the player to act upon to  continue the reloading sequence

Players are required to press a sequence of arrow keys which will cause the reloading sequence to transition between each state. The arrow keys to press will be the same as how the bolt handle moves in a M1903 rifle [1].

For example: In the first picture pressing the left arrow key will cause the bolt handle to rotate to the left just like in the middle picture, then pressing the down arrow will cause the bolt handle to pull back like in the right picture. Pressing the up key will cause the bolt handle to push back in again (middle picture) and pressing the right key will cause the bolt handle to set back to its original position (left picture).

Arrow sequence: left, down, up, right.


I want to create an animation for when the player shoots the rifle to show that they actually did shoot. If I had the rifle stay still without showing any recoil then players may be unable to tell if they did shoot or not. Later on I will add sound to the player shooting.


I want the player to be able to look down the sights of the rifle for a more precise sight at their target. I will still make a crosshair on the screen as well for players to aim without the sights.


I also want to create a short animation of an idle animation for the rifle. Although this seems trivial I feel this will be important as an idle animation shows that the game is running and that the player can play.


[1] – hickok45, (2012). 1903 Springfield Rifle. [online] YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 30 Dec. 2016].