Here are the updates I made for this week for the Group Project game: Of Whom We Hold Dear.

(Note: there were not many tasks completed since my last update as we decided to have a break over Christmas)

Playtest the game


Over the Christmas period the group work was slowing down and we were starting to feel stumped as to what to do next. To solve this we all play tested the game for bugs and to refresh our memories as to what we needed to do next. I then used the notes of the playtesting we did to make a list of tasks that we need to get done by our deadline in May.

Correcting one of the memory puzzle pictures to something more suitable

Memory Picture 1.png

The original image were three cups which sat side by side with ‘Greg’ written across the middle piece. We didn’t feel like the image had much of a meaning, hence we decided to go with the image above. We feel this feels more meaningful to the story of our game and drops subtle hints players with a keen eye may notice.

My other group project members and their updates can be found here: