Since the last update I have been focusing on making the animations smoother and work alongside the player controller on screen and ingame. The difficulty I have been having is the transition between each animation clips (example: from idle to shooting and back) as I haven’t had much experience using the animator in Unity.


So far I have the animations for the rifle being idle and shooting. The animation for the reloading is almost complete, however I may have to create a separate animation for the bolt of the rifle.This is because when I try to rotate the bolt in the same rifle animation clip for the rifle movement the bolt seems to move irregularly.

I am yet to create the animation for the aiming down the sights but I feel the reload animation should be focused on first before I do this.

What’s next?

Now I need to finish the reload animation and create the aiming animation. Once this is finished I can then go onto making the script for making the transitions between each animation work.