Here are the updates I made for this week for the Group Project game: Of Whom We Hold Dear.

Create a handwritten letter to the MC by a family member


The aim of the letters is to remind the player about the MC’s condition, and how time seems to fly by as the player reads each letter. For the first letter I decided to put the message on a postcard as I feel the postcard would give the player more clues as to where the player is and when roughly this is taking place.

Create a template for the doctor letters

The template will be used to create any doctor letters for the game. Each letter will be recognisable as they all will have the same logos and same doctor signature on them all.

Create the fifth memory piece

The fifth memory will be a certificate the player will be piecing together, just like how they did it with the last four memories. When the player pieces the remaining memory together though they will find out the final piece of the story.

Model a coffee table


Although the coffee table may now need to be retextured as we changed our art style, the coffee table will be a piece of furniture used in the living room area.

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