Global Game Jam 2017

So over the weekend was the Global Game Jam 2017 which is my 2nd ever Game Jam I’ve taken part in. The theme for the Jam was ‘Waves’.

The Process

I was in a team of 6 people who were working on different elements of the game:

  • Tom – Group Manager
  • Anthony – Sound & Game Designer
  • Charlie – Coder
  • Lee – 3D Artist
  • George – 3D Modeller & Animator

I was in charge of most of the 2D Art for our game such as the background, key buttons and the backdrop for the keys to show on. However before the Game Jam I was intended to also be coding for the game, however since we decided to use a separate room to the computer labs I had to use my computer which I couldn’t get internet for, making me unable to use the internet and Unity since it kept requiring a licence which I needed internet for.

During the Game Jam we also encountered other problems and delays, for example:

  • Me having to go to work during the Jam
  • Lee’s computer getting a virus
  • Sleep (Curses!)

And just general distractions and diversions. These even led to us drawing across a whole whiteboard the various enemies we could put into our game with music puns for names (as shown below)


The Final Game

h.JPGOur group game is called ‘Final Symphony: A Wave Reborn’ and is a twitch-based game with RPG elements. You play as a mage who fights musical monsters using a keytar. The player damages the enemy by having to hit notes which scroll across the screen as they reach the letters on the left, hitting more notes means the player deals more damage. The inspiration for this mechanic came from the games ‘Guitar Hero’.


The game worked…Mostly. The player could do one attack on the enemy but afterwards the game would lock up due to an error in the code, making it unplayable after. However despite this we and many others felt the game’s concept was unique and fun to play.


In the end the Global Game Jam 2017 was fun. When we were showing our game to the rest of the designers at the university most loved our game idea and asked ‘Will you continue with this?’. I would love to continue the idea and make a full game based around this, perhaps even with the same group if they want to as well.

Hope everyone else had a great Global Game Jam and I look forward to next years!