For the past few days I have been adding animations to specific actions the player makes, for example shooting, aiming and reloading.

The problem I’ve had with making the animations is the focus on how close to the real thing do I want the animation to look (demonstrated in this video by hickok45 of the M1903 springfield rifle). Overall I am satisfied with the animations I created for the rifle as they are easily distinguishable as to which action the player has done or is doing.


With some practice using the animator tool on Unity I created a animation for both shooting from the hip and shooting whilst aiming down the sights. This is for in case different players want to either shoot from the hip or while aiming rather than forcing the player to shoot using one way only.


With aiming down the sights I first had to make sure that when the animation was finished the front sight was lined up with the rear sight (as circled below)

Fig 1: red circles to show the front and rear sights

If the sights did not line up then aiming would be pointless, so I had to make sure that the animation would stop as the sights are lined up straight. I then made it so when the player aims down the sights the crosshair would become invisible and the field of view on the camera would zoom closer to the sights. This is to allow players to have a more accurate shot at what they are aiming at and to help them line up their shot.


Video Demonstration

Here is a video demonstration for the animations for the rifle so far. The reload animation is complete but I am still deciding whether I should break the animation into smaller clips to use per action, or to stop the animation playing until the player presses an action to reload the gun further.

What Next?

The only animation left to do is the reloading. I’m still deciding whether I will use one animation for the whole bolt which will wait for the player to trigger the next sequence, or to split the animation into four clips which play when the player presses the next key.


hickok45, (2017). 1903 Springfield Rifle. [online] YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 28 Jan. 2017].