Here are the updates I made for this week for the Group Project game: Of Whom We Hold Dear.

Putting coin prefabs ingame

Before we were still using boxes for our coins but now I have replaced all box coin prefabs with different coin types.

Start and instructions menu


Made menus for the start screen as well as an instruction screen rather than starting straight into the game. I made sure the menus look like the noticeboard like in the game since it is the central hub for players to go to in game.

Create a list of sounds for our game

Much like the furniture list, we now have a sound list to go off of when looking for sound in our game. The list also states whether the sound will be diegetic or not and where they will be used.

Replaced significant items with puzzle boxes


The significant items didn’t make sense leading into the sliding box puzzle. Therefore we made it so players would solve a puzzle box and then look for the item related to the puzzle box.

My other group project members and their updates can be found here: