For the past week I have made a few changes to the rifle and testing scene. Rather than making separate blog posts for each change I will put them down on this blog post.

Made the targets more distinguishable


Previously the targets were just cubes which players would need to shoot, however I decided to change them to human target shapes to make them more distinguishable as targets. The new targets act the same as the cubes before, where when the player shoots them they become green to show they’ve been hit, and stay red to say they haven’t been hit yet.

Muzzle flash when shooting


Players will see for a split second a muzzle flash when they fire. I was going to have smoke emit from the rifle however I felt it would be harder to see than a muzzle flash despite smoke being a more realistic emission from the rifle barrel.

Video demonstration

This is an up to date video demonstration of the rifle. The video also includes the sound update from my last blog post as well.

What next?

There were other minor tweaks I made to the rifle as well but were too small to be very significant. I still would like to add some form of recoil, for example the camera moving from the shot. I will also be looking into playtesting and setting up the game scene to playtest with.