Here are the updates I made  for this week for the Group Project game: Of Whom We Hold Dear.

Updating the letter design


The letters use to be a plain white colour for a background but now the letters have been updated to look more like older paper.

Adding instructions to every scene

The instruction letters were added to the game to allow players to read in game in case they forget how something works or what they need to do.

Adding a screen to indicate the game demo is over

For the group project we are focusing on just making the demo for our game which allows players to play through two fully functioning levels. Once the levels are over the finished demo level is shown. This is so we can focus on getting the mechanics and gameplay polished and finished first with a demo before making the whole game.

Text prompts for interactive objects in game

A simple text prompt to show the player that they can use the object in front of them. The text changes depending on what the object is (for example, coins will have ‘Press E to pickup’ text prompt).

Bug fixes

General bug fixes and small changes to improve gameplay and get rid of bugs.

My other group project members and their updates can be found here: