After playing with the rifle mechanic and showing it to other people I started to realise that there were more problems that needed addressing, specifically ‘how will the player know what to do or what buttons to press?’. This blog post focuses on how I am attempting to solve these problems as I feel this will be critical for when I start playtesting.

Reload prompts

Capture.JPG                      Capture.JPG

As shown above, I have made text prompts to help remind the player what button they need to press to continue the reload sequence. I am planning on putting a timer on these prompts so they are not constantly on the screen and will only appear after waiting a few seconds. Without these prompts I would assume most players would be lost as to what to do to reload the rifle as they might forget the sequence.

Although the text prompts are non-diegetic and feel out of place, I feel these prompts are necessary to prevent players from becoming frustrated from forgetting the reload sequence, especially when under pressure. For now I cannot think of a way to implement them into the game diegetically so will have to leave it as it is.

Instruction Scene

I have also made an introduction scene to my game. When loading the game players will be shown this screen which will detail what stages are in the game, what they must do, and how they must do it. They will be told what the sequence is for reloading the rifle here first as well as the controls so they go into the game knowing what they need to do.

This screen also acts as a pause screen for players to ready themselves before starting, rather than just being thrown into the game with no instructions at all. For the purpose of my playtesting I want players to be informed as to everything they will be doing and to be prepared as to what to do.

Other tweaks

I have also fixed it so the rifle doesn’t clip through walls or objects anymore. This is done by creating a separate camera which only renders the rifle, whereas the main camera renders everything else. Then I simply set the depth of the rifle camera to be higher than the other.

I then added a few more walls to the map to trap the player into a small area to shoot out from like a firing range. This is to prevent players from wandering off or away from the area they need to be.

What next?

I have been testing ways to try mimicking recoil on the camera however haven’t had much luck, therefore I will leave it for now and start research into playtesting and how and what I need to measure in my game.


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