Here are the updates I made for this week for the Group Project game: Of Whom We Hold Dear.

Testing different colliders for the player

The current collider for the player causes them to bounce into objects which can even cause them to bounce through the walls. After experimenting with some ideas I feel the best way to solve this would be by raycasting to stop them just before they run into the object to create the illusion of them actually bumping into the object/walls.

Fix coin colliders

The coin colliders were too small so they were falling through the floor when dropped at a certain angle, plus they would go through carpet. Both of these have now been fixed.

Fixed lighting

When the lights went out the game became very dark and hard to see. By slightly increasing the ambient lighting the player can now see just the silhouettes of objects around them.

Updated coin textures

The coins have now had updated textures added to show off what kind of coin it is.

Created walking animation for Carer using Mixamo


Mixamo is a free online 3D animation software which you can use to upload your characters to and apply premade animations to. Having animations for the carer looks more appealing than looking at its T-pose all the time.

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