For our design masterclass module me and a few other students are working with ‘Pop My Mind’ in turning an artist’s work into a 3D printed representation.

About Pop My Mind

Fig 1: Logo for Pop My Mind

Pop My Mind is a curated online hub for artists of all disciplines. Various artists upload their work onto Pop My Mind which are then showcased off in real-world activities (for example exhibitions).

You can visit their website here.

The brief

Our task for the brief is to take an artist’s model from the website and turn it into a 3D printed version. Then we must create an A1 poster which provides details about the model that can be displayed alongside it.

For the project we have agreed to work in groups to work on a model each. I am working alongside Rob Yearling (whose blog can be found here).

Chosen model

Fig 2: ‘Hate’ By Martin Swan

The model we have chosen to work on is called ‘Hate’ by Martin Swan (Angersaurus). The model features a baby dolls head with its mouth carved out to hold 14 .556 inert bullets and a shotgun shell at the base. We chose this model as we thought it looked very interesting and unique whilst giving us a challenge to work on with printing.

You can see the page for the model here.

What next?

Once we have the model we will need to begin scanning the model to create a full 3D mesh which we will then need to check for any holes or problems in the mesh via 3DS Max or ZBrush before printing.


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