Now that the game test for the rifle is finished, I have came up with a short questionnaire for players to complete afterwards to allow me to get feedback for the model.

Creating the questionnaire

I have used ‘Google Forms’ to host my questionnaire on as this will save me time with laying out the questionnaire, not needing to print them out and risk losing the results.

When writing up the questions for my questionnaire I looked up examples of other questionnaires on SurveyMonkey. That way I could write my questions in a similar style to how they are done on there.

The questionnaire will be designed to answer my project title, which is to see if I can turn reloading a gun into an engaging mechanic.

Questionnaire questions

I made sure the 5 questions I came up with would be easy to turn into a chart to display my results (as a bar chart or pie chart), except for the last question being a general question for any additional comments. The questions I asked are:

  • How often do you play a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game in a week?
  • Overall what do you think of the rifle reloading mechanic?
  • On a scale 1-10, how engaged did you feel when playing through the test?
  • On a scale 1-10, how engaged were you using the rifel itself?
  • Would you consider playing a First-Person Shooter (FPS) with the reloading mechanic implemented in?
  • Any additional comments?

What next?

I need to get people to playtest the rifle and fill in the questionnaire for feedback. I also want to make sure the questionnaire makes sense when people fill it in.


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