So now that the scanning for the model is complete, we were able to take it into Cura (3D Printing software) and set it up ready to begin printing.

Set up for printing

Fig 1: The Cura logo

As I said earlier we used a program called Cura to put our model on to see how it would look and customize the printer settings for printing out our model. Specifically, we had to make sure the fill density was around 8-15% and the support structure is set to support the bullets of the model and parts that hang over the base of the support.

Once we were happy with the print settings we saved it onto a memory stick and then used the Ultimaker 2 Extended printer in the labs to print out our model.

Fig 2: The model currently being printed.

We stayed around to make sure the support base was printed just to make sure there were no mistakes to start with. Once that was printed we left the printer to print, after all the estimated time to finish the model was 8 hours.

One weekend later

We had to leave our model over the weekend as we were unable to make it in to see how it turned out. However, the Ultimaker 2 Extended machine will cool down once it has finished printing so there was no problem leaving it over the weekend.

Fig 3: A successful print for the baby head model

As you can see in fig 3, the model came out very successful. Again, the bullets were a big concern before we started printing as we didn’t know how they would turn out. We printed the model facing upwards as well to reduce the amount of support structures needed, especially as the bullets would need support if they were printed any other way.

Problems with the print

Unfortunately we did encounter some small problems with the print that would require us to reprint. To start with the base of the model is not balanced so the model wobbles despite being on a flat surface. The other problem were the eyes which didn’t scan properly which we didn’t notice, therefore we would have to model the eyes ourselves.

Overall though it is a good first try, once we cut off the support structure we ended up with this:

Fig 4: The first model finished

What next?

As we mentioned, we need to fix the eyes and base of the model. Once these are fixed we will reprint and hopefully not encounter any more problems.


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