So now that the eyes and base of the model is fixed we went to reprint the model.

Different printer

Since we are not the only ones using the Ultimaker 2 Extended printer we were unable to use it. Therefore we decided to use the older 3D printer which works similarly to how the Ultimaker 2 Extended works, but you need to do a few more things before you can print.

First of all we would have to use a USB stick to transfer our model to the printer which was no problem. Second before any print we had to make sure we purge the plastic manually to ensure the plastic comes out thick. Finally I had to make sure the printer would turn off once it has finished otherwise the printer nozzle would stay hot rather than cooling down.

Once finished

Fig 1: Print in process


We had to wait about 9 hours for this print to finish. Once it was finished we took the model out and inspected the model all over and started removing the support structure.

Support structure problems

Sadly, the support structures that was connected to the back of the baby head was too difficult to remove and has made the back of the head look messy. This means we will need to reprint it again and we will reprint it as it is standing to see how it will turn out.

However, the model was an improvement to our last one. The model now stays standing and the eyes look a lot better than the first print. When looking towards the face of the model you can see the resemblance to the actual model which looks fantastic.

Our task now is to just reprint the model with the model facing forward rather than up which will hopefully fix the structure support making a mess of the model.

Fig 2: Comparison of the latest print to the actual model