So now that I have an EXE of my game and a questionnaire, I was ready to start having people play test my game.

Playtesting setup

I set up the game and questionnaire in the computer labs for people to playtest my game. I then asked around the labs if anyone wanted to playtest my game, which I was able to get at least 10 players to play.

Fig 1: A player playtesting the game

Players were either given a quick verbal guide on how to play and what they need to do, or they would read the instruction screen. Either method worked as I anticipated. Players would then play through each of the three stages shooting as many targets as they could. Once a target reached the back wall in the last section I would then ask the question if they would ‘Play again?’ which I left up to them if they wanted to replay the game or fill in the questionnaire.

Overall Feedback

Overall the feedback for the game was very positive, both verbally when playing and on the questionnaire. When playing the game, players were actively engaged with the last stage where they had to shoot as many targets as possible, by expressing their panic out loud when they miss a target or excitement when getting close to beating the high score on the final level.

Plus, when I asked players if they wanted to play again, every player pressed replay at least once, with the most common times players replayed being 3 times.

Fig 2: Pie chart showing how many times players played through the game

To me this means my rifle mechanic is successful as players were replaying the game and were verbally saying that it’s fun and that they were trying to beat the high score at the end of the game.

The rest of my questionnaire feedback backs up this point as well, where I asked if players found both the game and rifle engaging on a scale from 1-5 (1 being not at all, 5 being very engaging).

Fig 3: Charts showing positive results for both test and rifle

As you can see the results were very positive for both the test and rifle. Hopefully I can improve on the rifle by iterating it further and make it even more engaging.

Improvements to make

Unfortunately, there were a few bugs I ran into during playtesting which I need to fix:

  • The collider for the targets need to be tighter to allow the player to shoot over the target.
  • There is a bug with the animation where if you pressed more than one key at a time to reload then the rifle can potentially bug out and be stuck in the first reload position. There must be a way of adding a check state to see if the reload sequence is at 0 then the animation is set back to idle.
  • Could also add some way of making it so players cannot shoot until the reload animation stops.
  • I also received comments for my game which gave me feedback that I will re-read through and act upon

These would need to be fixed while I create the next iteration.

What next?

Now the first iteration has been playtested and results are in, now I need to begin creating the next iteration for the rifle. My plan for the next iteration will be to make it so players can reload while aiming down the sights and push more on player movement.