For this reprint we decided to change the rotation of the model to face upright for the print, just to see how it would turn out as well as so if the structure support area is messy then it won’t be seen if standing upright.

3rd reprint

Fig 1: The third finished model

This time the model has been printed in black as we were unsure how to change the plastic colour and the printer had black already set up. This isn’t a problem for the print but more rather this print will be a different colour to our last two.

Overall this print was successful. The print looks great all over until we started removing the support structure. The big problem is trying to carve out the excess parts of the structure between the teeth as well as on the base. Plus while removing part of the structure the model was scratched which has left a white mark on it (as shown below)

Fig 2: The messy bottom before attempting to fix it

We will try to get rid of as much excess plastic on the teeth and bottom as possible and see the outcome of the model, however at the moment I feel this could be the last print.