Here are the updates I made for this week for the Group Project game: Of Whom We Hold Dear.

Replace the first memory picture with something more distinguishable

The previous picture used was hard to solve as it was a bunch of broken cup parts. This picture resembles a cup which has a large crack going down it which is much easier to solve and easier to see which tile piece goes where.

Playing a music track at the beginning of the game & sound when player falls down the stairs

The music track used is free to use and is a sad piano tune that will play in particular memories, specifically at the beginning for the demo.

I have also added sound to the player falling down the stairs.

Minor Bug fixes

I also fixed a few bugs in the game such as:

  • The coin particle effects needed to stand out more as they were unclear and too faint.
  • There were some incorrect text prompts that needed fixing as well

My other group project members and their updates can be found here: