After I finished iterating the rifle, I then made a few changes to the questionnaire participants would answer after the test. These are the updates I have made.

New questions – previous iterations

I want to have as many people test this rifle as possible before I start my conclusion essay, therefore I will be having participants who have playtested my previous iterations playtest again. This is due to the addition of ammo to the test means participants would need to incorporate adding ammo into their reloading sequence whereas before they wouldn’t need to.

Fig 1: Two questions asking if players have played before

Simply the questions will ask if the player has played before and, if yes, if they prefer this iteration to the previous iteration they played.

New question – Type of FPS game

Fig 2: Two questions asking what kind of FPS game this mechanic could work in

I also wanted to ask participants what kind of FPS games they could see this mechanic being implemented into. The reason for this is because with previous iterations participants have expressed how fun and engaging it is to play the game and they would like to see a more fleshed out game. Therefore, I wanted to create questions based on any game examples players could imagine this mechanic being implemented into so that when I do get around to making a full game (depending on player feedback for this iteration) I have an idea of what kind of games to research for ideas.

I also have a few FPS game examples I think this mechanic could work well in.

FPS game examples I think this mechanic could work in

1) Sniper Elite 3 [1]  – Sniper Elite 3 assumes the role of a US Army sniper during World War 2. Players must use stealth tactics to eliminate enemies from various ranges (close up to long range). The game plays in both first and third person which changes when players look down the sniper scope. I feel my reload mechanic could work well in this game as most of the sniper rifles are bolt action.

2) Hitman Sniper [2] – Hitman Sniper is a gallery shooter where players must eliminate their targets and gain points. Players do this by using a sniper which they control using the touchscreen (since it is made for touchscreen devices). If this game or similar was to be made for PC then I feel having my reload mechanic could work well, as currently the game uses quick time events when reloading which helps reload a bit faster.

3) Sniper 3 Ghost Warriors [3] – Although not released yet, Sniper 3 Ghost Warriors revolves around an open world which the player must seek out their target however they want, and then take them out. The main choice of guns are again snipers but can use machine guns or shotguns if they want. The reviewer for the article on Sniper 3 Ghost Warriors described it as ‘slow-paced and altogether more realistic look at life as a commando'[4]. Could we make it even more realistic and engaging with my reloading mechanic implemented?

As you can see, the game examples I have been researching are mainly games revolved around sniping and using stealth. This is because during earlier iterations playtesting participants were struggling with switching between either the movement keys, reload keys or the mouse. Reading Mark Davies ‘Examining Game Pace:  How Single-Player Levels Tick’ [5] Case study on Call of Duty 4’s mission ‘All Ghillied Up’ has gave me a good idea on how I imagine this rifle mechanic  being implemented into, however I can only confirm this once my final iteration has been playtested enough to see if others agree or think the same.

What next?

Now I need to get as many participants to playtest as possible. This may be difficult at the moment though due to the Easter holiday break,  but hopefully I will be able to still get most of my target audience to playtest before starting my essay.


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