So now the next iteration and questionnaire were finished it was time for me to get playtesters to play through my game again. This time I decided I will ask anyone to play through this iteration as I want to get feedback from both players who have and haven’t played before and compare them both to see whether new players struggled with the added ammo or if they could cope just fine.


Fig 1: A playtester playing through the 2nd level

As stated in my last blog post I wanted to get as many people to play as possible. Despite it being the Easter holiday I was able to get 15 people to play. Although I wasn’t able to get my target of 20 people I feel 15 is still a good number.

Like usual I would set up on the lab computers and asked people to play my game. However, I also asked some people online through Facebook if they would like to try it. I know this could cause a bias result since they are friends, however I needed as many people to play as possible and I trust them to at least give honest feedback towards my work.

Questionnaire responses

The responses for my questionnaire were similar to my previous iterations, with only one bug report in the game as well (there’s a small delay between finishing the reload and firing). I did have some minor problems with the people who playtested who were not taking the test very seriously, especially the questionnaire.

  • One example being a playtester not taking the test seriously and then chose all the worst scores for each question. Although the playtester expressed how much they thought the idea as ‘dumb’ and didn’t bother during the test I feel they made an interesting point that there will be some people who will just flat out dislike my mechanic for being different. However, examining all my responses shows that he could just be deliberately trying to sabotage the results as well.

In the future I will have to make sure playtesters take my test a little more seriously and could provide with more helpful and useful responses, especially to open ended questions.

Fig 2: Another example where one playtester didn’t take the question seriously as now ‘Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts’ is apparently a first person shooter.

What next?

Now that all my playtesting is finished I can now start to write up my 2000 word analysis where I compare the three iterations and one FPS game to see if I was able to make reloading an engaging mechanic in a FPS. However, my next blog post will go over first what my plan is for the essay.