Now that my final iteration is complete and my playtesting is over I can now move onto planning out my essay.


Essay Layout

So the plan for the essay is to split it into 4 sections:


  • Intro to the title of the dissertation
  • Will talk about what the contents of the essay will be
  • Talk about how I carried out my playtesting and how I will compare my iterations to the control game


‘Control’ game:

  • A First Person Shooter (FPS) game which my mechanic could work best in
  • Determined by the results of my final questionnaire results
  • Research into the game, specifically how the gun/s work alongside the gameplay
  • It’s likely the game will either be Sniper Elite or Battlefield as they were both equally voted


Iterations 1-3:

  • Before going into each iteration I will talk about what the test is, how players are tested and how my test compared to the ‘Control’ game
  • Show results of questionnaires for each iteration
  • Talk about how each iteration improved over one another
  • End with how engaged players felt towards each iteration



  • Overall conclusion of what iteration had the most positive results (highest positive results for the questions, especially how engaging it was)
  • Include comments by playtesters
  • Talk about how I will take this forward, especially how the ‘Control’ game would drive the type of game I would make if I took this project further


What next?

Now I have a plan for my essay, it’s time to actually write it. I think for my next blog post I will be just doing an update on the progress of the essay and on what game I chose as my ‘Control’ game. I will update this blog when I reach around 1000 words.