Since we were unable to get onto the Tranzfuser Project we will not be continuing our group game after we finish university.

Therefore these are the last updates I have made to the group project.

Bug Fixes

As normal bugs needed to be fixed such as:

  • Fixing the collision for the puzzle boxes. Previously you would have to look at a specific area of the puzzle box to access it but now this is fixed.
  • fixing the sound for the falling down the stairs. The sound lasted longer than the fall but now has been cropped to fit the length of the animation.
  • Show images on the noticeboard of what the puzzle boxes look like. Previously players did not know what they look like but now it is being shown on the noticeboard.
  • Fix the main menu icons. Previously the icons changed size when changing the screen resolution but this has now been fixed.
  • Show a way of solving the puzzle boxes. Any player that has never completed a puzzle box wouldn’t know what to do, therefore I have put up an image guiding the player to one way of completing a 3×3 box.
    Slide Box Instructions.png
    Fig 1: Image to show a way of how to solve a 3×3 puzzle box 


Create dialogue lines for the carer and find someone to voice

We want the carer to have a voice during the game. I had to write a few different lines for each situation to prevent her just repeatedly saying the same phrases over and over again.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to find the right person for the carer role and so we ended up having a group member to voice just so we could have it in the game.


Adding more images for the puzzle boxes

Since the puzzle boxes will communicate with the player, we needed more puzzles in each level for the player to solve which will show an image of something related to the world. Examples of such images are:

  • Image of the carer
  • Showing the cups of the main character and wife
  • Image of the fuse box

My other group project members and their updates can be found here:

Unfortunately these are the last updates and the project will likely stop after. I will upload one more blog post which will either be a playable version of our game, or just screenshots and videos.