My essay is now complete. Following my essay plan that I posted here, I have managed to write around 1900 words and included all questionnaire results put together into a table format for me to see the average result for each question (and to easily compare results of each of the questionnaires).

I was meant to make a post when I reached around 1000 words as I stated in my last blog post, but I felt it would be a pointless blog post to make, and so I just carried on with my essay.

Figure 1: Results of all the questionnaire responses put together.

I was also planning on turning the results of the questionnaires into charts, but I felt that just having the table above shows off what I needed to talk about, and I can see precisely what the responses were for each individual test as well.

What next?

Technically my dissertation is done. I want to make one last blog post that will summarize the dissertation process and finalizing what I will be submitting. Then I will be able to submit it for marking.