For this blog post I will be summarizing my dissertation, what I will be handing in to the project, and what next for this project (as after this dissertation I still plan to continue this project).

Summary of my dissertation

The title for my dissertation is to ‘Is it possible to make reloading a gun an engaging mechanic?’.

So for my dissertation I wanted to create a reloading system which would not require VR to use and uses a set of key sequences to work. I then wanted to gain feedback for this via play testing to see if this could be a usable reload system or if players found it too confusing.

My process through the dissertation was:

  • Model and animate one gun of my choice
  • Script the gun using Unity C#
  • Create 3 scenes for players to be able to play test on
  • Gain play test results and have players complete a questionnaire
  • Iterate the game 2 more times and repeat the process
  • Summarize the results alongside one game which also uses a reload system in 2000 words, then come to a conclusion to my dissertation title.

Overall play testers have been overwhelmingly positive towards my reload system and have expressed interest towards a game which would use this system as a key mechanic in a game. This is backed up by my responses to all three of my questionnaires for each iteration.

What I will be handing in

I will be handing in:

  • The 2000 word essay summary on the questionnaire feedback and result
  • Final iteration of my Unity project showing my scripts and scenes.
  • Three Unity games of each of my iterations.
  • My blog

What next?

I do plan to take my reload system and put it into a full game. However I think I need to wait for my dissertation to be marked first before I can post more updates to the project. I think I will also try to make my reload system work on a controller as well using the D-pad and the left bumper.